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Timely Warnings

The Jeanne Clery Act requires that Sonoma State University issue a special crime alert, called a Timely Warning when certain crimes are committed on campus that are considered to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.  The intent of a Timely Warning is to help others avoid becoming impacted by similar crimes.

While there are times when sending a notice to the community about crimes on campus may be necessary, Timely Warnings may only be issued for Clery crimes, including:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Motor Vehicle Theft
  • Arson

For a complete list of Clery crimes, please refer to the Annual Security Report.

In addition to the reported crime falling into a Clery crime category, there must be a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.  At SSU, determining whether there is a serious or ongoing threat is done by a team that includes University Police and the Clery Compliance Team.  Depending on the nature of the crime, additional staff may be consulted.  When evaluating crimes for timely Warnings, the following may be considered:

  • When did the crime actually occur?
  • Has there been an arrest that removes the threat?
  • Who was the target of the crime? Was the threat only to that person or entity or could the entire community be threatened by the same offender?
  • Would a warning allow for a campus community to take steps to avoid being impacted by a crime?

In addition to this evaluation, a Timely Warning may not be issued if doing so may significantly compromise law enforcement efforts. 

Timely Warnings are required to contain specific information, including:

  • information about the crime, including location where it occurred
  • steps that people on campus should take to protect themselves
  • instructions on how to report a crime
  • who to contact for support and resources

Timely Warnings are distributed using campus email and posted to the University Police website.  University Police also maintains the Daily Crime Log in compliance with the Clery Act and the California Public Records Act.

If you have questions about timely warnings, please contact the Clery Director at (707) 664-3087 or by email at