Clery Compliance Team

The Clery Compliance Team (CCT) is mandated by Executive Order 1107.  The CCT is a cross-departmental working group that is tasked with:

  • Assisting the Clery Director in the collection of information and required crime statistics
  • Assist in developing, writing, reviewing, and ensuring the accuracy of the ASR and campus policies required to be in included in the ASR
  • Assist in the proper identification of relevant Clery Act geography
  • Assist in programming, developing, and providing training and outreach efforts on the campus for compliance
  • Assist in overall compliance with the Clery Act and state student safety laws

Meetings of the full team are held at least quarterly with topic driven working groups meeting at least monthly.

Membership in the CCT is prescribed by the Executive Order.  Membership as of December 2018:

  • Tyson Hill, Clery Director (Team Co-Chair)
  • Missy Brunetta, Clery Coordinator (Team Co-Chair)
  • Sarah Clegg, Director of Title IX and Human Resources Compliance Services
  • Ben Ellis, Interim Student Conduct Administrator
  • Gail Barksdale, Athletic Director
  • Ryan Jasen Henne, Dean of Students
  • Paul Gullixson, AVP for Strategic Communications
  • Jeffrey Banks, Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Nada Moeiny, Campus General Counsel
  • Stacy Heldman-Holguin, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs - Student Health and Wellness
  • Stacey Murray, Associate Director, Residential Leadership and Development
  • Leonard Serrato, Lead Campus Life Advisor - Fraternity/Sorority Life

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes for the Clery Compliance Team and working groups or taskforces.

Meeting Group Meeting Date Agendas Minutes
Clery Compliance Team August 10, 2018
Clery Compliance Team September 17, 2018
Clery Geography Working Group October 18, 2018 Agenda Minutes
Clery Policy Working Group October 18, 2018 Agenda Minutes
Clery Compliance Team January 23, 2019
Clery Geography Working Group January 14, 2019 Agenda Minutes
Clery Policy Working Group March 28, 2019 Agenda Minutes

If you have questions about the CCT, please contact Missy Brunetta.